About Crystal Deco
About us

CRYSTAL DECO is the exclusive agent of “Wilmax” England. 

CRYSTAL DECO was founded in 1998 to cater for the ever increasing needs of high end decorative items for home use, by being specialized in designing, preparing, and supplying luxurious decorative items from tableware, to crystallized walls and floors for luxurious ceremonies, especially weddings and receptions.

In building its success story, the company took advantage of its existing family business factories that are specialized in:

- Glass Painting

- Glass Engraving

- Mouth Blowing Facility

To capture a large market share in event decoration, customized high-end glassware and crystal products, customized art de la table items.


From tablecloth to silverware, CRYSTAL DECO is known of taking care of events, adding the touch of its art experts, where in addition to the nature of the event, the team would consider the season and the place of the event, and would let it speak out.


In addition, it is important to say that the success of CRYSTAL DECO was not limited to the Lebanese market, to the contrary its success is regional, where its reputation has led to being one of the most trusted names in Wedding Decoration companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to other G.C.C countries.


Currently, and based on the big success story of CRYSTAL DECO in the Lebanese market, CRYSTAL DECO is working on enlarging its regional market presence by selling Franchise rights in the MENA region.